Laura Solana
Graphic Design

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Rethink the norm

Final degree project
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How are the measures defined between one stair tread and another? Why are these measures always the same? While Dreyfuss has implemented measures that will be used until today to unify standards in product design, doubts arise regarding the real human proportion and not for an ideal proportion based on the binary genres and other measures that they only refer to the western man (Pater, 2016). Moreover, Walter Porstmann with the DIN system and paper measures proportional to each other, anticipate the Neufert formula to design buildings and furniture based on proportional and already standardized dimensions, in order to facilitate and economize mass production (Neufert, 2013). In this way we have been subjected to a process of constant normalization in our day to day and in our education, on the one hand, feeling relegated to accept our environment despite adjusting or not to the rules and on the other hand, to loathe on that normal.

This project aims to observe normality in its ontological, social and functional way in order to rethink what is normal, put it into value through a visual container with archival practices and in atlas format, that makes a graphic exploration beginning with three established prescriptions to catalog all the images present in the file. The intention is to give value to what is not overdesigned through the appropriation of the codes shown in the file.

The conclusion that leads us the project, is a series of questions that have no intention of answering, so the intention is remake the practice in design. Perhaps normal things doesn’t exist, but there is what is frequent or what accomplish some standards, or what doesn’t stand out, or what stands out, and how something that starts being experimental in research, ends up being political.